Will this work for me?  

Q: I've tried to get organized so many times in the past, read different books and blogs, how can I know this approach will work for me. 
A: This approach is unique because you are literally learning the skill. Just like learning your ABC’s empowers you to read, learning the CS steps empowers you to do any organizing project successfully.
Q: Do the steps work for kids or adults of any age? 
A: Yes. Just like anyone can learn to read, anyone can learn to organize using this steps-by-step approach. 
Q: How much video will the course have? Will I really get shown HOW to do this?
A: Every one of the 6 modules includes a video that shows you HOW to do the steps, the containers we use, and even a tour through Marla’s home as she showcases her best organizing solutions for common problems.
Q: Can I teach these Steps to my spouse?  
A: Please do. In the Keep It Up step of each project, we discuss ways to help those you live with participating in keeping your newly organized spaces orderly. 
Q: Do the Steps work in a business situation or an office?  
A: Absolutely. You can use them to organize paper piles, email piles, files, desktops, and entire organizations. 


Q: Will you have more courses coming up for different types of projects? 
A: Yes, in 2021 we will have Spotlight Courses for Home Office, Kitchen, Kids' Rooms, Garage, Bedroom, and Storage Spaces. Each spotlight course will include video that goes through the entire project from start to finish, gives you short-cuts and stress-savers, and answers all your questions along the way. 


Q: How long do I have access to the course?  
A: You will have unlimited access to the course and can use it over and over again as you tackle different areas of your home.*
*Unlimited access extends for as long as the course is in existence. 
Q: Do I need to use any certain browser? 
A: No. You can connect to the course using any browser. We recommend either Safari or Google Chrome for ease of use. 

Private FaceBook Group

Q: How involved will Marla be in the Facebook group? Will I be able to ask her questions?  
A: Yes. Marla will be very active in the Facebook Group and will conduct regular Facebook Live events to answer your specific questions. 

Additional Resources

Q: If I want additional support, how do I contact a professional organizer? 
A: With the COVID 19 pandemic, many professional organizers are supporting their clients through virtual Zoom sessions. To be connected with a virtual organizer trained in The Clear & Simple Systems, send an email and put VIRTUAL ORGANIZER in the subject line. 
Q: What if I want to work in person with a professional organizer in my area? 
A: For help finding a local organizer, we recommend contacting the national professional organizer association at www.NAPO.net. 

Contacting us

Q: How do I contact you if I have a question? 
A: You can contact us at any time through email at [email protected] or leave us a message on Facebook with your question. 
Q: What if I have a problem with the site accepting my payment? Can I pay over the phone? 
A: Yes, you can email us at [email protected] and we'll arrange a call to accept your payment over the phone. 
Q: What about refunds?  
A: We know these Steps work and provide a solid foundation for getting and staying organized. We are in the business of giving hope to those who may have given up, so we understand that you may want to try this to see if it really does work for you. That's why we guarantee your purchase for 30 days. Should you decide you want a refund, please email us at [email protected] and we will process your request. Please note that no refunds will be given after you have had access to the course for over 30 days, regardless of whether or not you have watched the course.